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Jenny's Balloon
Jenny's Balloon
Jenny's Balloon
Jenny's Balloon
Jenny's Balloon
Jenny's Balloon

Review Jenny's Balloon

Brandon Girod
Beautiful art design, good backstory
Awful controls, levels remain static
Jenny’s Balloon for Android has you following a young girl named Jenny and her dog Toto into a dark and spooky forest. Inside the woods they find some odd balloons and Toto decides to pick one up. He’s immediately carried away by the balloon. Jenny grabs the rest of the balloons in hot pursuit of her dog. It’s the player’s job to help steer Jenny in the right direction so she can save Toto!
I’ve gotta say up front how much I really enjoy the dark look of the game. I think it fits the theme really well, and I enjoyed the fact that they were able to create a dark theme without copying Limbo’s silhouette look that seems to be making its course on mobile games right now. The characters are also charming in their own way, although we never really get to learn much about them as we progress further into the game. Once you reach a certain height Jenny’s look begins to change as well.
Gameplay is, unfortunately, rather dull. Jenny is floating upwards at a constant rate and there are objects, as well as enemies, that are in your way. If you hit any of the enemies, or sit around waiting on a branch for enemies to pass then you run the risk of a balloon popping anyway. Things get really bad when you factor in the terrible controls. typically tilt controls are really sensitive and even slight movement is responsive. Here the complete opposite is the case. I found myself literally rotating my phone just to try and get Jenny to move left or right, almost like I was trying to steer a car.
There are five “levels” in the game but no checkpoint. You simply get a “pass” notification that let’s you know you’ve gotten really far. If you die then you still have to start over from the beginning.
As much as I want to really enjoy Jenny’s Balloon, I just found it a pain to play. The controls are bad and made the game frustrating to play, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly why there are checkpoints in the game at all considering they don’t mean anything. If you’re looking for a fun game to pass the time quickly, look elsewhere.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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