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Evil Cogs
Evil Cogs
Evil Cogs
Evil Cogs
Evil Cogs
Evil Cogs

Review Evil Cogs

Jay Feldman
Quality graphics, quality game play, two-finger controls
Overly dramatic lighting, controls take some getting used to, little variance from on level to the next
Evil Cogs for Android is an unusual arcade style adventure where you gotta help a little organism bounce through perils and cogs to move through this dramatic and ruthless mechanical environment. This one is downright weird, but in a good way.
Evil Cogs displays in landscape to reveal a monochromatic universe laden with mechanical perils you must traverse without dying. You're playing as a little blob sorta organism, who is apparently the only remaining survivor after these ravenous machines took over the planet. The environment moves laterally for the most part, but can also move upward and downward at times too. Basically, you just bounce your little organism through the landscape, trying to avoid saw blades and perils, and using the machinery's cogs to move into the next level of play. The game is dramatic, strange and oddly captivating. It's also highly repetitive and offers little variance from one level to the next.
The controls use left and right screen taps to make your organism bounce in each respective direction, and believe me, it's quite tricky to get the hang of; you'll be sawed into itty-bitty pieces again and again. The graphics are the game's best element, offering dramatic locales as seem in shadowy silhouette. It all looks great and definitely intrigues, however, they could use to brighten things up just a tad, and I took the liberty of filtering the screenshots so all the nice the details could be seen better. The animation is nice, with lots of moving parts and lively bouncy action from our brave little organism. The sounds are creaky and creepy, adding to the unusual play.
Evil Cogs is sure to entertain retro arcade fans, but the visuals need to be hit with a simple lighting filter because they are far too dark and snuff out the nice details we are meant to enjoy.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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