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Minik run
Minik run
Minik run
Minik run
Minik run
Minik run
Minik run

Review Minik run

Brandon Girod
Fun graphics, interesting gameplay, responsive controls and physics
Very grindy, rng can really mess up a run
Minik Run for Android is another endless runner to throw in the mountainous pile of others, but it’s definitely one worth giving a good look at before you decide to pass it up. It’s a pretty charming game that has tight controls, a good design, and isn’t as unforgiving as others that might have turned you away before.
I’m a huge fan of the look of this game because it’s so friendly and inviting. I actually managed to feel this way during the rest of my experience, too, due to the double jump mechanic. Something having it just makes the game feel so much more forgiving than it really is. Part of this is because the physics are easy to predict and the other part is because if you don’t make a jump, your character actually kind of sticks to the wall (if you made it that close) and gives you the opportunity to clear it.
All that said, the game is still difficult and the biggest contributor to that is the amount of randomness thrown into the game. For instance, there are these rectangles that are thrown at you to try and slow you down. At one point I had jumped and suddenly one of the rectangles launched at me at just the right angle to pin me against wall leaving me unable to move or jump. That was the end of the run for me and it felt completely unfair because there is no way to react to something like that.
There are stars scattered throughout the level and if you pick them up then you can actually use it as currency to unlock more characters. Objectives pop up in the game for you to complete that help out, but the entire process still feels really grindy. It took way longer than it should to unlock the first character and there are so many others.
Minik Run doesn’t do anything new or fancy, but I do feel like it has much more of a personality than most endless runners. The double jump gives players a second chance when they make mistakes and the character design is really charming. They might want to take a look at the random crap they throw at you, though, as it can leave the player feeling slightly and helpless.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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