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Doodle Adventures
Doodle Adventures
Doodle Adventures
Doodle Adventures
Doodle Adventures
Doodle Adventures
Doodle Adventures
Doodle Adventures
Doodle Adventures
Doodle Adventures

Review Doodle Adventures

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, unusual game design, every level brings something new, one-finger controls
Low quality graphics
Doodle Adventures for Android is doodle-style platform game where you need to fill in a few details from elements provided, and then press play to let the stick person finish the level (or plummet off the page to their untimely doom). For example, he climb up a single block, but two stacked blocks will make him turn around. There are springs that make you jump, baddies you need to avoid ( though you can also use them to move some block to the places you need them), weak blocks which you fall through if you walk over them, TNT, moving spikes, and many other interesting elements. You can even design your own levels, which is really neat.
This one takes a bit of patience, and can be fiddly to get the blocks to go exactly where you want them. It's also surprisingly unclear how many of each item you can use in each level. There's always a limit to the number of items, but you can select any types you want from those available. But this isn't represented properly, so you just have to find out from trial and error. Despite this "sketchy" interface, the game is rewarding in spades. The puzzles are really stimulating, and you need to think carefully about how to place things so that everything plays out exactly as you want it. For example, you might use the same block to deflect a baddy, and to give yourself a step-up and spring, from the other direction.
I loved the doodle style if the game, and the interesting way that you need to put the finishing touches on levels to make them work. This would get top marks if the controls and interface worked a little more intuitively.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
Ollie Green
Neat graphics, lots of levels, addictive game play, responsive controls
In-app purchases
Doodle Adventures for Android is a fun puzzle game that gets you doodling to save the life of a small character. The main character is adventurous but he often gets himself in trouble. You'll find yourself placing down blocks, deleting traps and plenty more to get the main character safe when playing this game.
When you first start a level in this game everything will be frozen. No moving objects will move and your character will be rooted to the spot. In this section of the game you can use the tools the level has provided with you to create a safe entrance to the finish line. You can use blocks, break other blocks or use tools you've collected along the way. Once you have created a path towards the finish line you can press the play button and the main character will start to walk. Everything else in the level will also come to life once the play button has been pressed.
There are usually very few ways to complete each level so you will need to think carefully about how to get your doodle character to safety. There are so many different levels in this game that you'll always find yourself challenged and you will really need to think out of the box to complete most levels.
You may notice that all of the graphics in this game share the same theme. Everything from the in-game monsters, the level design and interface all appear to be drawn out with pencil. I really like the creative graphics used in this game and they fit in perfectly with the doodle theme.
Doodle Adventures is free but there are ads and in-app purchases to deal with. Most of the game can be played for free without any issue, however.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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