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Review Brainsss

Sergei Petrov
Brainsss - is a fun arcade game for Android tactical on the zombie theme, in which we finally got a chance to get back on the evil side and play for the swift and bloodthirsty zombies.
The meaning of the game is that we must, managing a small group of zombies, dead draw in all the living people on the map. People will try to run away and shoot, and therefore we need a verified tactic to be able to break through any defense.


The camera is located on top of the game and removed a great distance. We're almost at once can see the scale of the level, and our zombie squad and the number of units in it.
Typically civilians are not even aware that somewhere around the corner are the zombies who want to eat them. Here's what we have to take advantage of, such as: sneak up and attack at the most unexpected moment. All captured people immediately turn into a zombie and join our squad.
The difficulties begin as soon as the card appears the armed men. A policeman with a gun in the state of a small crowd of zombies to shoot, not to mention the soldiers with machine guns. Here we need such a property, as the separation unit to a group of zombies. Part of the detachment can be sent to a frontal attack, and the other to attack the enemy from behind.
At each new level, there are additional difficulties, because people learn and build yourself protective complexes with armed patrol.

Features Brainsss for Android:

  • Colorful graphics;
  • Funny portrayal of zombies;
  • 20 different zombie characters with unique abilities;
  • Easy management;
  • A huge number of cards;
  • Two game modes and three speeds;
  • Interesting tactical situation.
The developers have provided just two game modes - casual and tactical. In the first case, we often manage with just one squad and usually just go on the attack and try as quickly as possible to catch all civilians. In the second mode, the difficulty increases, and to pass the level, we have to divide the unit, using the tactics and advance to think through your steps.
A separate line would like to mention funny comics that are displayed between the levels of the game, making fun of the classic myths and stereotypes about zombies.
Summary. Brainsss - this is an interesting arcade game, which not only will not get bored, but to work hard and make the head. The game is distributed on a free ad-based, which can be removed for 30 rubles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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