Swipes - Plan & Achieve Tasks
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Swipes - Plan & Achieve Tasks
Swipes - Plan & Achieve Tasks
Swipes - Plan & Achieve Tasks
Swipes - Plan & Achieve Tasks
Swipes - Plan & Achieve Tasks
Swipes - Plan & Achieve Tasks
Swipes - Plan & Achieve Tasks

Review Swipes - Plan & Achieve Tasks

Jay Feldman
Interesting functionality, various features, simple interface
Not enough of settings, not powerful enough, old fashioned design
Swipes for Android is a to-do list and task scheduler with some modest features. Easily plan your day on a timeline and migrate entries from Evernote. The app features a modest interface that keeps things simple. And best of all, it's totally free with no annoying ads.
Swipes displays in portrait to offer a very bare bones looking interface that places plain text on a stark white background. Each page has a different colored banner at the top of the screen, which helps you keep track of where you're at within the app. They also included a few sample entries just to get you started. The magic behind this one comes in lateral swipes, which can archive or snooze entries with a simple gesture.
Adding to-dos of your own is rather simple, just tap the + icon to open your keyboard and begin typing. Once you have a main heading and placeholder, just tap the entry to add additional details, like action steps, which is basically a fancy way of saying, add a description for the activity. Tapping the date opens a modern looking timeline interface where you can select how to schedule our entry and under what category; choices include, later today, this evening, tomorrow, this week, next week, unspecified and pick a date. This timeline interface looks good and has some nice icons, however, most of the text beneath the icons is too long to be displayed and should be resized to fit or dispensed with; if it can't be read, then it serves no function.
Swipes is a decent to-do list that allows you to prioritize your tasks in a manner that makes sense to you, and I was particularly fond of the swipe commands for handling my various entries. The app promised to have a premium version available soon, which adds more powerful features.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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