Knock Lock - AppLock Screen
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Knock Lock - AppLock Screen
Knock Lock - AppLock Screen
Knock Lock - AppLock Screen
Knock Lock - AppLock Screen
Knock Lock - AppLock Screen
Knock Lock - AppLock Screen
Knock Lock - AppLock Screen
Knock Lock - AppLock Screen

Review Knock Lock - AppLock Screen

Brandon Girod
Easy to setup, intuitive ui, features a new way to unlock your device
There is no security against simply uninstalling the app, the new unlock pattern offers less options than a pin
At this point in the game, lockscreen apps don’t really seem all that necessary. The stock lockscreen offers all of the same security methods that these third party apps do and offers all of the same notifications, but that doesn’t stop developers from trying. Knock Lock - Screen Lock for Android is another third party lockscreen app that lets you “knock” different quadrants of the screen to unlock your phone.
But let’s be honest, “knocking” is really the same thing as doing something like, I don’t know, typing in numbers like a pin. There are pretty much the exact same number of combinations, but the real beauty here is that the lockscreen doesn’t actually show up. When you turn on your display you see the wallpaper you set up and the clock you chose but there is no prompt to unlock your device, only you know where you need to tap on the phone’s screen to unlock it. From that perspective that app actually seems pretty cool.
I’m not a fan of the app’s aesthetic, though. The clocks all look like slight variations of each other and none of them actually look good. The wallpapers are all really low resolution and you have no way to really change that. So if you’ve got a 1440p like me then you’re pretty much out of luck.
There are some other options locked behind paywalls or that require you to do things like logged onto Facebook through the app. Some of these options include setting the knock position, setting up lock patterns for specific apps, and changing the type of security lock.
Knock Lock - Screen Lock is one of the few lockscreen apps that really look pretty unique. I like the idea that someone not familiar with the app would just open your phone and be confused. There are some options locked behind a paywall, though. And there is nothing protecting you from someone getting a hold of your phone in a non-secure state and simply uninstalling the app.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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i cant open the time lock please tellme how to i need my phone to do my work    
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