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mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places
mPLUS Places

Review mPLUS Places

Brandon Girod
Check-in is really easy, the map looks great, there are a ton of rewards
Doesn’t detect a lot of stores in my area, rewards take an incredibly long time to reach, the ui is cluttered when you are looking through rewards
I remember way back in 2008 -- back when Android was a wee baby -- I was super excited about the prospect of all the cool things I’d be doing with my new smartphone. Things like AR and geo-tagging were one of them. So it feels kind of odd to be looking at new entries like mPLACES for Android considering a lot of the existing apps like this are pretty much juggernauts at this point.
Regardless, here is another reward-based geo-tagging app that wants to give you free stuff for checking into supporting stores. All you have to do is go out into the big open world and check the in-app map. You’ll see a small green radius that surrounds where you are currently and icons that indicate which stores around you are currently participating.
From the looks of it, each check-in gets you about 10 points and you need basically 12,500 to get basic items like a $5 gift card. If you do the math then that’s about 125 store visits for $5. It’s definitely possible to get the 25 visit limit every day if you happen to live in a pretty saturated area.
Fortunately there are better deals like right now where you can get a free Redbox rental for only 500 points, and the app features loads of challenges that reward you with way more points than a simple check-in. Challenges are cool because they’ll ask you to go to certain stores like a Best Buy and you’ll earn 200 points. Unfortunately, my local mall has both a Gamestop and Best Buy, which are both challenges, and neither were popping up on my map.
So, mPLACES definitely isn’t the first type of app to reward people for checking into places. Foursquare is probably the biggest competitor you’ll find for something like this, although that’s got way more social features than this one. Do I think you could really make some good use out of this app? Yeah, but only if you’re able to hit the daily 25. Otherwise you really won’t spend much time with this app.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 7/10
Design 9/10
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