Goblin Defenders 2
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Goblin Defenders 2
Goblin Defenders 2
Goblin Defenders 2
Goblin Defenders 2
Goblin Defenders 2
Goblin Defenders 2
Goblin Defenders 2
Goblin Defenders 2

Review Goblin Defenders 2

Brandon Girod
Solid tower defense mechanics, lots of upgrade paths and progression, good looking graphics, let’s you skip the tutorial
Has a really annoying endurance system, insists on giving you menial quests rather than just letting you play
Chances are if you’re reading this review then you’re probably not new to the tower defense genre. It’s been on phones since phones were powerful enough to run them and have been popular on Flash game sites since before then. Goblin Defenders 2 is another tower defense game that tries its hand at incorporating mechanics from other popular mobile game genres to breath some new life into the style.
Your first thought is probably, “does it work?” And the answer is a little complicated. The core tower defense mechanic is the same tried and true formula we’ve been playing forever now. Levels start off simple and eventually have branching paths with hordes of enemies trying to bottleneck through them. Towers have pre-designed places you can build them, and you can upgrade them as well.
The interesting part is the upgrade path you have to take. When you’re in the overworld you’ve got a base that you come back to. You’ll get rewards from the missions you take on and you’ll go through different buildings so you can choose different ways to upgrade your hero, your aerial troops (cannon fodder), and the towers themselves. Not a dramatic departure from your typical tower defense game, though.
So does Goblin Defenders 2 really manage to separate itself from the legion of others that tried before it? Not really. It’s a really fun game with solid mechanics, but it definitely doesn’t turn the genre on its head.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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one of the best games in whole my life , its hard and i love it .
Now i have 124 stars and cant update  because I live in Iran . I'm guilty due to my country!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon Girod
Why won't it let you update? Kinda strange if you already have it downloaded!
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