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Four Letters
Four Letters
Four Letters
Four Letters
Four Letters
Four Letters
Four Letters
Four Letters

Review Four Letters

Brandon Girod
Great design, fun gameplay, easy to get into
The timer gets smaller and smaller
You’ll need quick wit and a decent vocabulary in order to succeed in Four Letters for Androids. The name pretty much gives it away, but you’ve got four letters to make a word and an ever decreasing time limit in order to do so. You’ll need to think as fast as you can because you’re scored on getting as many words correct as possible before you eventually run out of time.
I’ve never been that great at word games despite the fact that I really enjoyed writing. Something about being put under pressure just has a habit of making me forget things. This is a game that emphasizes that feeling in me. The design is simple and beautiful. You have four letters that are arranged in a diamond and you need to make a word with all of the letters. Circling the diamond of letters is a time limit that I didn’t notice at first. If you form a letter then you get some time back, but the higher the score the less time you get back for getting the right word.
There are over 2000 words in the game’s dictionary, which is pretty impressive to begin with. And I’m really struggling to find something negative to say about the game because it’s such a simple concept and it really does just nail it. My biggest complaint is that the time seems to speed up, and I’d like a mode where I could just keep playing again and again, but that’s really a small nitpick.
Four Letters is just a great game all around. The developers have added a huge library of words, they give you hints on how many words there are given the letters you have, and even keep track of really fun and interesting stats as you play through the game. Unless you hate word games, I see no reason why you shouldn’t give this game a shot.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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