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Review Next Launcher

Sergei Petrov
Next Launcher - it is very beautiful and high quality launcher for Android, which differs from its competitors is very high quality animation, spectacular effects, and a completely new possibilities of interaction with the interface.
Application development is well-known to us team Go Dev Team, which became famous for its program of Go Launcher EX , the most popular launcher in the world (and with a very large margin from the nearest competitor). Apparently, along with completion of its primary product, it was decided to create something new and different from other shells.


Next Launcher shell has an entirely new user interface, which is difficult to compare with anything. The only thing that can be said is that in the shell so many 3D-elements, and in this respect there is some similarity with Yandeks.Shell .
In the settings you can set a variety of animation styles to browse the desktop and navigate to the main menu. But the fun is in the small details that are not normally subject to change in the shells.
For example, to move to the desktop shortcuts bar of icons as though pulls down and upstairs there are pages themselves. And we are simply throwing motion can quickly fill the desktop, you need labels.
Another interesting element - massive selection of icons done by simply holding your finger on the icon, after which they can gather together and also move to another desktop, create a folder or deleted.
Next Launcher net present, but almost does not matter, because you can put any icon is at any place and at the same time to turn it by any party.

Features Next Launcher for Android:

  • The colorful and vibrant 3D-design;
  • The interactive effects;
  • New 3D-icons;
  • Custom Animation turning to desktop and menus;
  • A new look at adding icons, widgets, grouping;
  • The massive selection of multiple elements;
  • Ability to attach an icon in any place and at any position;
  • Fast and stable operation even on slower devices.
Separate praise like to mention optimization, here it is made on top. The shell is loaded with rapid speed and running much faster than TouchWiz and Go Launcher. Plus, in Google Play you can also download a free widget with very elegant dials to switch to a different setup (something like SwitchPro Widget ).
Not without its flaws. The first and main disadvantage - is prohibitive costs Next Launcher. Developers are asking for their shell almost 500 rubles, which is at least 3 times higher than that of its main competitors ( Apex Launcher , Nova Launcher ) and absolutely does not fit with free Go Launcher EX.
On the other hand, is the product of the 1st class, very high quality, and technically much better than its competitors, and the Go Dev team we trust and are actively using their products ( Go SMS , Go Keyboard ). Therefore, at the start of sales represent good value (in time it will fall by 2-3 times).
Summary. Next Launcher - this is a very interesting and promising interface for Android from the famous team. We hope that the project will be developed and improved. Because of the high price to recommend the program to all and we do not undertake to advise Must see video review.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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