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Block Mania
Block Mania
Block Mania
Block Mania
Block Mania
Block Mania
Block Mania
Block Mania
Block Mania
Block Mania
Block Mania

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Brandon Girod
Infinite replayability, gameplay is as hard as you make it
Looks just like Tetris, there is no tutorial
Block Mania for Android is another simple block game that takes a lot of its inspiration from a game we’re all probably familiar with in one way or another. Here we take a different turn, however. It’s more like a DIY Tetris game than anything else because you’re given a few pieces and the idea is to keep building inside the available space until you’re out of turns.
I guess the best way to play it is that it’s Tetris slowed down. You’re given three block pieces that you can build with and you don’t get any more until you use all three of those pieces. The other bummer is that you can’t twist these pieces either, so you can only use what you’re given in the context it’s given to you in. Some might argue otherwise, but I think this leaves the game with a little less depth because you can’t do as much with each piece as you might want to.
On the other hand, the game is really challenging and partly because you’ve gotta stick to what you’ve got. My very first play through was busted right off the bat because the game didn’t do anything to explain the situation to me, so I built a rectangle from the center out and lost pretty quickly.
Not too long after that I figure out that this was basically just Tetris and I gave it another shot. This time I was able to live a much longer life because I actually knew what the objective was. And to be honest, I really did have a lot of fun with it.
Block Mania is basically just Tetris without a time limit, which is cool for some. I personally think the original is still a lot more dynamic and fun, but others will undoubtedly enjoy the slower pace of this one.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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