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Disk Revolution
Disk Revolution
Disk Revolution
Disk Revolution
Disk Revolution
Disk Revolution
Disk Revolution
Disk Revolution

Review Disk Revolution

Brandon Girod
Interesting and unique level design, great graphics, responsive controls
Instructions are unclear, there are tons of ads, includes a stamina system, encounter a bug that erased all of my progress
Disk Revolution for Android is a really fun and challenging physics game that has you trying to control a disk as it flies through various levels. Each level changes the game’s mechanics up a little so you never really know what you’re jumping into the first time you start one up. It’s almost like a surprise around every corner.
The very first levels are basic and the game generally does a decent job at showing you what you need to do in order to progress. The very first level even has glow spots on the floor that indicate when you need to jump. As you beat each level you’ll be able to move onto the next which changes things up a bit. A good example is on level three when suddenly you’re floating through obstacles rather than trying to jump past them.
The game’s core is really good, and it’s something I wish I could recommend, but I found more bad things to write about than good. First off, the game includes a stamina system that doesn’t recharge over time. Instead you’ll notice yellow and green numbers rapidly changing. If you click on these then you’ll randomly get some money, which can be used for buying new discs, and energy. Unfortunately, you’re also going to be stuck watching a five second ad. After you get the random amount of resources a timer will start counting down. Considering you can roll a zero, you can probably imagine how annoying this gets. The developers are definitely taking advantage of players here.
The second thing that really irked me was that when I went to go back and retry an old level to get a better score I noticed that all of my progress up until that point had been erased. All of my money was gone and I couldn’t go further than the level I went back to. But you can be sure my energy was still as low as I left it before everything seemingly reset.
Disk Revolution is a game that’s too good for its money-grabbing developers. It’s great and really fun to play, but the amount of ads the developers serve your for trying to just play the game is absolutely insane, and the progressing halting bug didn’t help either. Steer clear of these guys.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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