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Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)
Puzzle (English Book)

Review Puzzle (English Book)

Ollie Green
Can be played without in-app purchases, dynamic game play, simple controls, ads can be disabled
In-app purchases
Crossword Shop for Android is a neat platform that can be used to purchase and play different logic games on. Games on this platform include Sudoku, crosswords, picross and more.
When you first download this app you will be given a large directory of different games to choose from. Each game is displayed as a large rectangular tile that mimics the appearance of a magazine cover. There are dozens of different 'e-magazines' to choose from, and once you've found one you like you can tap on it to download it for free or purchase the full version.
Whilst the free and the paid-for versions of the puzzles in this game offer the same content, the free versions do include a lot of advertisements. The paid-for alternative gives you the option to remove these ads, and you can play them at any time, even offline. When it comes to the different puzzles, the game uses the same pop up interface that appears at the bottom of the screen when you interact with a puzzle. Whether you're playing minesweeper battleships or just a standard crossword, the same style of interface is available throughout the app, which makes learning how to play different games much easier. The interface is easy to understand, but it's not the most nice looking UI in the world, and it would be nice if it were a little less clunky.
The fact that there are so many different types of puzzles in this game is the reason why many players keep coming back. There is always a new puzzle book to download and try each time you open up the app, and your brain will never have time to rest.
Crossword Shop is free, but all of the puzzles must be purchased unless you want to deal with advertisements.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
Vlad Popa
An abundance of mini-games, varying levels of difficulty, easy to use
Some interface elements are unintuitive, features ads
Crossword Shop for Android is a large collection of magazines, each containing an abundance of pen and paper games. Each one is as relaxing as having the physical magazine and using a pen. While not the most beautiful apps, Crossword Shop’s simplicity contributes to its overall charm and similarity to physical magazines.
The app offers such an amount of mini-games with a great deal of diversity that it ensures the user will seldom become bored with them. These vary from the classic crossword puzzles and Sudoku to a pen and paper version of minesweeper and many more. Each one of these plays true to their physical counterparts, with some added functionality that stems from the devices themselves. Thus the user can resort to the volume buttons to zoom in or out and even set sounds and vibration for when an answer is correctly input.
Each game is controlled using a contextual interface that varies accordingly, yet even with the brief description offered in each magazine is not enough to fully explain the functionality of each item on the interface.
Overall Crossword Shop offers an abundance of entertaining games to play. Each one is as relaxing as having the physical magazine and using a pen and when combined with a comfortable sofa the whole thing becomes one of the best ways to unwind. While not all of the app’s content is free, it does offer sufficient magazines to be completed by the free user, while suffering merely a few occasional ads and a constant banner ad during gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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