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Plumber Mole
Plumber Mole
Plumber Mole
Plumber Mole
Plumber Mole
Plumber Mole

Review Plumber Mole

Ollie Green
Quality soundtrack, lots of levels, simple controls, quality physics
In-app purchases
If you've ever played one of those strange puzzle games that requires you to rearrange all of the tiles within a limited amount of space to complete the picture, then you'll really like what the developer of Plumber Mole for Android has done. This is especially the case if you're a fan of the plumber puzzle game.
In this game, the objective is to move pipes and connect them together to allow water to pass through them and into the goal area. On each level, you are given a number of pipes you can move and a limited amount of space to move them through. Unlike other plumber puzzle games, you cannot rotate the pipe pieces, so you must really think carefully about how to arrange each pipe.
Empty blocks will often get in the way of your pipe building, and these blocks will need to be slid out of the way to make room for each pipe piece. Trying to connect together all of the pipes whilst dealing with other blocks all within a short amount of space certainly isn't easy. In fact, trying to complete the harder puzzles in this game might make you piping mad. If you are a puzzle fanatic though, you'll absolutely love it.
As you progress through the levels, new game mechanics will be introduced to you. You'll learn about special powers that can help cheat your way through tricky levels, as well as various types of blocks that make connecting the pipe pieces even trickier. The graphics in this game aren't absolutely amazing, but they do have a nice cartoon style and there are no points worth complaining about. The game also has a charming background track and some fitting high quality sound effects.
Plumber Mole is free but there are in-app purchases that can be used to acquire more powers.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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