Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter)
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Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter)
Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter)
Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter)
Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter)
Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter)
Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter)
Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter)

Review Mouse Kit (Keyboard+Presenter)

Brandon Girod
Easy to set up, has a lot of functionality, little input lag
Doesn’t support multi-touch unless you pay for it, animation wasn’t smooth
Mouse Kit for Android is an app that turns your phone into a trackpad for your computer. There are a ton of useful applications for something like this such as having a remote device you can use to help you present during a presentation or maybe you’ve got your TV hooked up to the TV in your living room and having a regular mouse is too much of a hassle.
I personally did all of my testing with the app on my laptop, so aside from wanting to lean back and kick my feet up on my desk while I played around with it, it wasn’t particularly useful in my case. Now, in order to use the app you will have to download a program on your computer, so if you’re thinking this somehow links up otherwise and are uncomfortable downloading something like this then you might as well turn back now. Your device and smartphone will need to be linked together on the same network in order to use together, and if they’re on the same WI-FI then you can auto-connect in order to get online. Otherwise you’ll need to enter in the credentials yourself to log one device onto the central network you want to use.
Once I got everything set up I was already able to use my phone with my computer. I could swipe pretty much anywhere on my phone’s screen and watch my cursor zip around the screen. The sensitivity is a little high by default but you can go into the options and change it to what works for you. There are two on-screen buttons on the bottom of the phone which serve as your left and right mouse buttons, and you can also just tap the screen to left click. In between both buttons is an up/down button which works like the mouse wheel and allows you to scroll through web pages smoothly.
There is support for multi-touch and keyboard but to get the full functionality you’ll need to actually purchase a full license or the app. It also comes packed with a presentation mode that allows you to swap through different screens with ease.
Mouse Kit is a really useful app for presenting a presentation or using a TV for your monitor, but I really struggled to think of other times I’d really need to use something like this. There are already free and totally functional screen mirroring apps out there that will allow you to control everything on your PC right from your phone, and this kind of seems like a step back in that regard. Still, this app does what its intended to do very well.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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