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Stickman Rush
Stickman Rush
Stickman Rush
Stickman Rush
Stickman Rush
Stickman Rush
Stickman Rush
Stickman Rush

Review Stickman Rush

Brandon Girod
Simple and fun concept, great looking art design, easy progression system
The random content is broken
Have you ever wanted to BE the traffic in Crossy Road? Well now you basically can. Stickman Rush for Android looks very similar but instead of crossing rivers, ponds, and dangerous traffic, you ARE the dangerous traffic. You’ve just gotta dodge the less dangerous drivers and avoid potholes in the process.
Let’s talk about the controls. Because the road kind of runs diagonally across the screen, I found myself subconsciously wanting to swipe in the direction I was changing lanes in. Which is totally wrong, by the way. What you really need to do is swipe up to move left, down to move right, and you can tap to jump over potholes.
What I’d like to see changed in the future is the ability to swipe along the direction of the road because the visual cues just override logic sometimes.
I also had an issue with the way the game generates content. To put it simply, it’s totally broken. There are times when you’ll jump over a pothole because it’s the only option only to find yourself in the top lane which is now blocked -- along with the middle -- and you have no time to get all the way down to the bottom lane. This happened to me multiple times and it felt incredibly cheap.
It especially bothered me because I kind of like this game. It controls well, once you get past your own head, and I really enjoy the art direction the developers decided to go in. Not to mention how fun the progression system was. I was able to unlock the first two characters in about 15 minutes, which is something I love to see.
I just really wish endless runners would fix the rules for how content is generated. Stickman Rush would be a really fun game to play if the game didn’t throw an artificial game over my way simply because the game doesn’t give me the mechanics to overcome the obstacle that they’ve presented with me. That’s just not good game design.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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