Drift X - Craft Land
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Drift X - Craft Land
Drift X - Craft Land
Drift X - Craft Land
Drift X - Craft Land
Drift X - Craft Land
Drift X - Craft Land

Review Drift X - Craft Land

Ollie Green
Neat graphics, exciting game play, quality physics
Kills your battery, bad controls
In theory, the concept of Drift X - Craft Land for Android seems like a lot of great fun, and at times this can be the case. However, most of the time this game has a few issues that make playing it more difficult than it's worth. Still, you may find a bit of a reason to give this game a go if you can look past it's problems.
The objective of this game is to drift a car around tight corners as many times as you can within a short time period. You are given points for drifting. The longer the drift, the more points you will get. There aren't any levels in this game and there is only one environment to drift in, so this game is best treated as a timekiller that can be played here and there whilst you have nothing else to do. Although there are no levels, there is a score system that can keep track of your best drift runs.
One of the major issues with this game is it's controls - you can tilt your device to steer the vehicle and press the on-screen buttons to accelerate, brake and reverse. As you can expect, the best drifts are created when you brake hard whilst steering around a corner. The problem is that it is incredibly hard to control the steering in this game, and the tilt to steer controls are very unresponsive.
There is another issue with this game that is a little frustrating at times too. Although the game does feature nice voxel based 3D graphics, the game chugs away at your battery life, which is exactly the opposite of what you'd like a timekiller game to do. Obviously games and apps are always going to eat away at your smartphone battery, but this game seems to go above and beyond to ensure you end the day with no charge in your phone.
When everything works right, Drift X Craft Land can be fun, but dealing with it's issues can be difficult.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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