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Simple Workout Log
Simple Workout Log
Simple Workout Log
Simple Workout Log
Simple Workout Log
Simple Workout Log
Simple Workout Log

Review Simple Workout Log

Brandon Girod
Comes with preset workouts, includes a timer for rests, customizable workout routines
Encourages the user to download huge lists of workouts, user still has to input reps, sets, times, etc, seems overly complicated
Anytime anyone develops a new app to make exercising easier or helps promote being healthier in a way that doesn’t exploit people, I instantly want to support them. Simple Workout Log for Android is one of those apps that does this and doesn’t try to weigh you down with needless feature or hassle you to sign up and pay for anything. All it wants to do is help you keep track of your workout so you can see how you progress over time.
Now the app’s name might imply this is simple to setup and use, but I actually found it a bit more complicated and overwhelming than I wanted it to be. Simply setting up one day’s worth of exercises was a test of patience. When you first pull up the app you’re prompted to download a huge list of exercises, and honestly this is a waste of time because some workouts have multiple names. The developer recommends downloading it but I don’t.
The best way to get set up is to do it while you’re resting in between sets. That way you can do a set and then insert the exercise while you’re taking a quick rest. Indicate how many reps you’re doing and the weight and you’re golden. The next rest you can start the two minute countdown for the next set, which is smartly calculated because too many other workout apps underestimate the importance of resting.
The good news is that once you’re done with one set you just hit the plus button next to the name and it automatically logs the info you just entered. So the initial setup is lengthy but once you’ve saved all your exercises into something like legs and shoulder routine then you’ll be golden the next time you go to workout.
The app gives you a ton of stats on how you’ve progress, including graphs and charts. It also gives you a summary of each workout once you’re done.
So, while Simple Workout Log might eventually be simple to use, it’s got a lengthy setup process that I found to be a real hassle. That means it’s going to turn off a lot of interested customers. I love the idea of the app and what it eventually turns into, but I think the developer really needs to take a look at the setup process and find some good ways to make it easier for new users.

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Usefulness 9/10
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Originality 8/10
Design 7/10
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