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Deep Blender FREE
Deep Blender FREE
Deep Blender FREE
Deep Blender FREE
Deep Blender FREE
Deep Blender FREE
Deep Blender FREE
Deep Blender FREE

Review Deep Blender FREE

Brandon Girod
Super unique puzzles, levels are quick, but not necessarily easy
The game is unforgivingly difficult right off the bat, the aesthetic is boring
Deep Blender for Android is one of the most difficult and unforgiving puzzle games I’ve ever played. The third level in I was almost totally done playing the game because I was having such a frustrating experience with the game, but I persevered and eventually even had a bit of fun with it.
So here we have a puzzle game that’s based on tile movement. Every time you move your tile piece onto another you’ll notice the dials that are littered throughout each level also move. The first level of the game is pretty easy because all of the dials sort of move in sync with each other. Soon you’ll come across puzzles where each dial has its own movement path, distance, and rate of travel. In order to complete each puzzle you’ll have to determine when and where each dial will move and the best way to get through it so you don’t get hit.
Now, I love the idea behind this app because I think it’s incredibly unique. Unfortunately I don’t think the game does a really good job gradually leading players up to a point that they’re ready for the difficult puzzles. Instead the game just kind of throws you in there and expects you to hang out. It left me in a frustrated state.
Gameplay in Deep Blender is fun but crushingly methodical. You can sometimes get away with just randomly moving tiles in the first levels, but that’s not a tactic that will fly later on. If you don’t like puzzle games that require you to actively map out each movement then you’ll probably find this game painful to play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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