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Review MechaNika

Jay Feldman
Unusual game design, unusual graphics, unusual plot
Bores you really quickly, monotonous game play, low quality animation
MechaNika for Android is a weird adventure that takes place at a little girl's school, and trust me, this kid is anything but ordinary. Search the school, talk to classmates, dis your teacher and rummage through your magic backpack for a plot that makes sense. If you like nonsensical games, this one's a winner.
MechaNika displays in landscape to reveal a side view of a classroom of children taking an exam, and that's about as normal as this one gets. Our little hero, Nika, is too smart for her own good, and she knows it. She gets bored with her exam, turns in her paper, exchanges a few choice words with her teacher, and then is off to search the school for something more interesting to do. You can talk to classmates in the playground, and even visit the graffiti ridden bathroom to chat with the loner chick taking a dump in one of the stalls. Oh, and just to keep things even more off the wall, little Nika has a magic backpack filled with unusual goodies, like a chocolate shake with a shot of cognac. Are you starting to get the picture? If yes, then someone please explain it to me because I still have no clue what this game is about. Perhaps it's best played inebriated.
The controls are just simple screen taps, so nothing complex there. The graphics look like hand drawn artist's sketches that were digitally colorized; they look good and are deceptively inviting. The animation is simplistic at best, and not one of the game's better elements. There's a few mini games and puzzles to figure out and nerdy references to video games, movies and music for good measure.
MechaNika is downright weird and almost utterly nonsensical. If all that sounds like fun, you should probably download this, pronto.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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