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Dungeon Hero RPG
Dungeon Hero RPG
Dungeon Hero RPG
Dungeon Hero RPG
Dungeon Hero RPG
Dungeon Hero RPG
Dungeon Hero RPG
Dungeon Hero RPG
Dungeon Hero RPG

Review Dungeon Hero RPG

Brandon Girod
Responsive controls, persistent character progression, interesting content
The environment is totally static, combat is awkward
When I first jumped into Dungeon Hero RPG for Android I’ll admit I had a few issues. But once I ironed out some of the self-inflicted awkward control issue I had a really good time with this dungeon crawler. It’s a throw-back to when RPGs were largely text based and you simply walked through dungeons trying to get as deep as you could before dying.
The good thing about this one is that there is persistent character progression, so this isn’t a rogue-like. I found this to be a huge relief because it might I could continue to enjoy the game after I died my first time. I also think it helps add in extra replayability because there are a ton of classes you can unlock over the course of the game, and I’d like to be able to get a shot at playing through with all of them.
One thing I noticed about this game is that actions aren’t turn-based like you would expect. If you’re sitting in your inventory checking out stats for weapons you just picked up and a monster is out walking around, they can find you and kill you. Time does not pause for anyone!
As you progress through the dungeon you’ll find tons of loot and have plenty of opportunity to upgrade your character. Leveling up allows you to put a stat in any of the five main stats, but unfortunately the game doesn’t give you an tooltips to tell you what exactly you’re doing when you’re building your character. This means character building is largely left to trial and error and you can’t respec, so you’re stuck with what you have unless you decide to re-roll.
Combat is kind of lackluster and awkward. You can have weapons in your right and left hand and attack by tapping or swiping in any direction. I went sword and shield and there honestly wasn’t a good way to attack-defend-attack because there was a fairly large amount of input latency when you switched from left handed attacks to right handed attacks. Monsters also tend to attack in a fairly rapid fashion, so it doesn’t really leave a lot of sense to worry about defending anyway.
Dungeon Hero RPG has some pretty strong mechanics and a lot of nostalgia. There are lot of items, classes, and replayability. The movement is fine, but I did find the combat system to be a bit awkward. My biggest complaint is that maybe the developers didn’t spend enough time giving the game a strong sense of character because I kept help shake the feeling that the game is pretty generic overall.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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