Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Review Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Sergei Petrov
Modern Combat 4 - is a continuation of the famous FPS-shooter for Android in the first person, which is a real clone of Call of Duty, but for mobile devices. In principle, Gameloft has never hesitated to take other people's ideas and developments, but here looks like so that fans of the original series CoD game is sure to please.
We recommend that you also read our review of the previous part of the Modern Combat 3 , which can objectively be called the best in terms of plot and the number of special effects. Also, parallel to this game studio produces another series, NOVA 3 , a copy of which can be called Crysis. Of course, it would be nice if Gameloft produced something unique, but nowhere to go, and it's the best mobile shooter to date.


Since the last part of the series is nothing much has changed. We are waiting for the same control with a virtual joystick for movement and buttons for shooting, reloading. Guidance is also scope for the entire zone screen. If desired, the control can be completely changed by itself, change the position of the icons.
We manage a soldier fighting unit, and our task - to stop nuclear war and save the world leaders from capturing terrorists. And even though the game is translated into Russian (subtitles), the plot is not particularly interesting to watch, because it is the standard patriotic slogans and classic mission.
The most interesting - is the setting, that's why we love these shooters. Every second, Modern Combat 4 blasts, pursuits, unusual shooting, and we are always in the middle of it. The game will give us the ability to control various appliances, monitor and control air strikes graphics.

Features Modern Combat 4 for Android:

  • Improved lighting effects, shadows, blur;
  • New exciting story with a variety of missions and the opportunity to test himself in the role of the main terrorist;
  • Improved engine Havok (affects the physics of motion technology);
  • A number of different gadgets;
  • Constant change geimpleya.
As for the graphics, from the last part of it has not changed, but added a lot of visual effects, lighting, shadows, and beautiful background blur. On average, the company has passed the story in 5 hours, and then you can continue to play in multiplayer, which can be called a full half of the game, and play online is really interesting.
Summary. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - this is a great continuation of the famous shooter series for Android, but can not say that there were significant improvements. If you expect from Gameloft something of such things to the effect of "Wow," you'll probably be disappointed, but in other aspects, it is a good game, performs a price 229 rubles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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chiv charan
Write a comment... I cant download this game please help me
sadananda08 Nov 2016, at 06:30HTC Desire HD
I install but canot play on my htc desire
how I Can install mc4 in my Nokia xl
I can not play in Samsung tab 3 why
Tariq Abdulla
What's the exact problem? Did you manage to install the game?
Ankit kumar
Ankit kumar01 May 2015, at 01:40Motorola Moto G
I m not able to start the game on moto g plzz help me....

Do suggest hot to install it properly..... Plzz. Anyone help
Vlad Popa
In order to purchase and install the app simply click on the "Full Version" link found above the review and it will direct you to the appropriate page on Google Play. There make sure you are logged in with the same Google Account on both your PC and Moto G before clicking the "Buy" button. After the transaction has been made you should be able to select your device and initiate a remote installation.
If any issues occur you can request a refund from the Play Store for your spent money but only if you do so within 15 minutes.
shreys22 Nov 2014, at 21:09Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2
Is it compatible with samsung galaxy s duos 2.
It initiates well but on the loading screen when about to start the campaign mode it forces stop
Vlad Popa
I advise the following steps: Remove the game, restart the device and attempt to reinstall and make sure there is sufficient spare storage remaining for the app to run properly, a few hundred MB should do it. If the issue still persists please contact Gameloft Customer Care.
It's free for Nokia x
hey buddy
Is this compatible for canvas turbo. Because if it is then why it is not working on my one
Alexander Vorobyev
It's really weird as it should be compatible with your phone and working on it. What exactly doesn't work? Do you receive any error message? Thanks!
I got an huawei ascend y300 and i can't play mc 4 . I Downloaded it and it starts and load stop load stop load stop and this for 1 hour then it close automatically please help
Alexander Vorobyev
Hey! This is a really demanding game in terms of the graphics and I believe it won't launch on your phone. However, you can try downloading .apk file of the earliest release of the game and installing it manually. We hope it'd work out.
Cant evn use on a 2013 device lg f3 from virgin mpbole
can lenovo a 3000 tablet play moderncombat 4
Ar veikia ant lg loptimus l5?
@Zeak: This is VERY strange... I can't believe that my underpowered HTC One V is listed as "compatible" where a Tegra 3 quad core tablet with 1GB is not listed as "compatible". Unless it's a conscious "policy" by GameLoft *NOT* to support nVidia Tegra-based devices, this is a great omission...
So is My Asus transformer pad infinity or tf700t
According to PlayStore, this game is incompatible (!) with Asus MemoPad Smart 10 (Asus ME301T)... What gives?! :/
Dose anyone no why it cant be downloaded on xoom 2
is this game work in alcatel one touch glory 2 ???
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