Space Beard - Survival Shooter
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Space Beard - Survival Shooter
Space Beard - Survival Shooter
Space Beard - Survival Shooter
Space Beard - Survival Shooter
Space Beard - Survival Shooter

Review Space Beard - Survival Shooter

Jay Feldman
Neat graphics, exciting plot, two-finger controls
Too easy, monotonous game play, slow animation
SpaceBeard for Android is a goofy side scrolling shooter that aims for retro arcade territory. Blast the crap outta some weird space aliens and go as far as you can before biting it. The play is decent but holds more potential than it currently delivers.
SpaceBeard displays in landscape and takes place on an industrial looking locale laden with weird gizmos, odd machinery and... oh yeah, a bunch of unusual aliens that are out to get you. But fret not, cuz you've got your trusty laser blaster by your side and all you gotta do is shoot and dash your way through the onslaught and make it as far as you can, which won't be too far thanks to the manipulative mechanics at work here. There's precipices to leap over, power ups to collect and a few other goodies you may find if you make it that far. The game is fun enough but could be so much better if the developers weren't intentionally keeping the performance on a tight leash in favor of doling out paid upgrades.
The controls use your 2 favorite digits to make the magic happen, with a jump button on the lower left and a shoot button on the right, and using both in tandem is quite effective. The graphics look like hand drawn cartoon cells with nice, rich colors and some truly weird and goofy enemies from some unknown planet. The animation, sadly, is this game's weakest element, with very s.l.o.w renders that effectively kill the action and take out most of the fun with it. The sounds are highly repetitive, yet somehow, didn't grate on my nerves for a good while, which was my signal that I was done with this one trick pony.
SpaceBeard is decent enough, but you'll get bored with it before long; that is, unless you're a sucker and actually pay for play to unlock performance enhancements.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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