Real Quiz for Dota
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Real Quiz for Dota
Real Quiz for Dota
Real Quiz for Dota
Real Quiz for Dota
Real Quiz for Dota

Review Real Quiz for Dota

Ollie Green
Great for fans of Dota, neat graphics, simple controls
Glitches, too many ads
Real Quiz for Dota for Android is a fun puzzle app that tests Dota fans on their knowledge of the game. Whilst this app won't really help you to improve your skills or knowledge of Dota, it's still a fun app to give a go if you've got time to waste.
In this game, you will be provided with a certain item available in Dota, and you must try to choose from a selection of items that are used to make up other items. Seasoned Dota players will immediately be able to match up the items needed to make each puzzle on the screen, but less experienced players of the popular MOBA may need to brush up on their knowledge a little to stand a chance at winning.
The game will keep going until you make an incorrect guess, and at this point your winning streak will end. It's quite a challenge to see how far you can go without making a mistake, especially considering there are so many different item sets in Dota 2 that many players don't even touch. The game itself runs quite smoothly, but the game interface seems to be a little buggy. You will often find yourself dealing with menu freezes, crashes and unresponsive interface buttons that just make the whole experience a little annoying.
You will also come across a large amount of advertisements in between games, and this quickly becomes frustrating. There doesn't seem to be any way to pay for the ads to be removed either, so if you really enjoy this game you'll just have to make do with the advertisements.
Real Quiz for Dota is a neat concept, but it doesn't work 100% as intended. If you factor in the problems with the app as well as the advertisements, you're left with a game that is often more effort than it's worth. If you are a huge fan of Dota and you do want some kind of timekiller game, this may provide you with a bit of fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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