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Monster Doors
Monster Doors
Monster Doors
Monster Doors
Monster Doors
Monster Doors
Monster Doors
Monster Doors

Review Monster Doors

Brandon Girod
Fun and engaging combat system, lots of character progression, features 180 levels
Play time is limited by a cheap endurance system, the game is littered with in-app purchases
I think it’s safe to say that most people have seen Disney’s Monsters, Inc. One question always plagued my mind while watching that movie: what would happen if they ever went through the wrong door? Well, Monster Doors for Android is a game that indirectly attempts to answer that question for us.
You play as Van Helsing who is a dude that likes standing behind fences as he blows away monsters that barge in through a series of incredibly odd placed doors. You’re never really told why you’re doing this or why a character like Van Helsing would be hiding behind a fence, but I guess as long as monsters are involved you don’t really need any other reason.
So, if you use your imagination you can probably guess how this game plays out. You slide your character around the screen as he auto attacks the enemies that come out of each door. As you blow away enemies they’ll drop loot that you’ll want to pick up as you dance around incoming bullets, tap on power-ups, and keep up with shooting all the bad guys.
Missions usually have different objectives, but for the most part you’re just killing everything you see. Each mission you go on requires you to consume one heart, which is a resource that recharges over time. Like most mobile RPGs, you’re set up with an equipment screen and character progression sheet that will allow you to level up your character and boost up your items that you find throughout the game.
Monster Doors has a ton of content. You’re not limited to just playing with Van Helsing. You can purchase 4 other characters as well, and there are over 180 levels to play through which is more than enough to keep you busy for at least a while. The gameplay is pretty engaging and the game’s biggest fault is the limited play time you have due to the silly heart-based endurance system. Please stop using these!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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