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Jay Feldman
Neat graphics, decent game play, simple controls
The game is too short, monotonous game play, boring game play
FOTONICA for Android is an endless runner game that takes place from a first person's point of view. Run like mad through a dramatically dark environment that probably could induce seizures in those sensitive to that sort of thing. This one plays well and feels like a retro arcade game.
FOTONICA displays in portrait and landscape, though the perspective views of this endless track feel best suited for a portrait view. As the story goes, you are a humanoid runner who finds himself on this endless track, and the scene is viewed from your eyes, and you occasionally catch a glimpse of your own limbs while running. The visuals are heavy on perspectives, and the scene looks like you're standing on a railroad track, looking down its length, only the colors are inverted and you're in a totally black environment, with white lines making up the track itself. This stark white on black look adds to the ethereal quality of the play.
Your mission, as if that isn't obvious, is to just run your arse off and go as far as you can. There's gaps in the track and you gotta leap over them to land safely on the other side and keep running. There’s also double decker levels too, just to keep things interesting. If you mess up your jumps, you'll fall into oblivion and it's game over.
The controls use your favorite lone digit to touch and release the screen, which causes you to jump and land. The graphics and animation are heavy on the pixels but have lots of moving elements to keep things intriguing. The sounds are flat out terrible.
FOTONICA is best played muted and is suited for occasional play when you have a few minutes to burn. It's fun, but gets boring, fast.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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