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Fun Fit
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Fun Fit
Fun Fit

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Brandon Girod
Beautifully designed, simple to use
Only tracks steps taken with your phone in your pocket, doesn't communicate with other devices, the calories burned feature exaggerates by an incredible amount
HTC has had its share of ups and downs since it announced their new flagship phone this year, the HTC One M9. Along with that device they announced a new fitness band and their VR partnership with Valve. Now, you’d think that Fun Fit for Android would be the companion app that you would download and run alongside wearing your new HTC Grip but oddly enough it’s totally separate.
As puzzling as it might seem, HTC has decided to just release their own fitness app that tracks your steps, calories burned and miles walked all from your phone. And that’s the app’s biggest weakness because I don’t personally carry my phone with me everywhere. When I’m up walking around in my office it’s typically sitting on my desk. If I had to guess, I’d say the phone would only really be able to track maybe fifty to sixty percent of all of my steps I take for the day.
This is huge because the phone doesn’t try and track what you’ve eaten or educate you on health in general. In its current form it’s simply there to count your steps and give you some kind of enormously blown up idea of how many calories you’ve burned.
Yesterday, for instance, it says I walked a total of 1504 steps and burned 1499 calories. My Moto 360 says I walked somewhere in the neighborhood of 3500 steps. That’s quite the discrepancy. And I hate to break it to you but your calories burned per step ratio shouldn’t be anywhere near 1:1.
Fun Fit is a nicely designed app that ultimately serves no function. Why does it exist? It doesn’t communicate with my watch and it can’t even accurately provide me with how many steps I’ve taken or how many calories I’ve burned. It’s certainly possible that HTC is using it as a platform to gather data from in order to improve the fitness app when the HTC Grip releases, but this app right now doesn’t perform how it’s intended to.

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