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Maritime Kingdom
Maritime Kingdom
Maritime Kingdom
Maritime Kingdom
Maritime Kingdom
Maritime Kingdom
Maritime Kingdom
Maritime Kingdom

Review Maritime Kingdom

Brandon Girod
You can queue up actions, towns feel organic, there is a good variety of actions to perform
Has the longest intro ever
City builders have been around on cell phones for what seems like eternity and it’s really hard to break into the genre with a new entry because it always feels like it’s all been done before. Maritime Kingdom for Android is a new IP made by a popular developer that unfortunately just can’t pick itself out of this funk.
Let me say this upfront: this is a game you’ve played before. Sure, the setting is different, the artwork is different, and there are different characters in it. It’d be copyright infringement if they didn’t try to change things up.
But all the mechanics and basic gameplay elements here are the exact same ones we’ve been playing for ages. It starts off with an incredibly long video and then an even longer tutorial which over explains basic concepts. Build a logger hut to get wood! Grow food to get food! Breath air to live longer! Okay, that last part is a stretch, but you get my point.
The only notable exception I have about this game is that towns typically feel really alive because you’ll see your workers move from one action that you queue up for them to the next. If they aren’t doing much you can find them wandering about your town, taking a small rest on benches, or enjoying other parts of your city.
Maritime Kingdom certainly isn’t a bad city builder by any stretch of the imagination. It looks good, features a lot of elements such as city trading, and rewards you every step of the way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do anything to make itself stick out from the rest of the pack either.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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