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Star GirlAnimoca
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Updated: 12 Apr 2014 Version: 3.3.1 Size: 41 Mb


Simulator celebrity girls
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Star Girl - a unique social Android-game for girls in which you can try to be a model, actress or singer, and to do all you can at the same time. The game is a Sims-like simulator with an emphasis on the selection of clothing, style, and other aspects of stellar life.
Engaged in developing a game studio Animoca, which is known by many other projects, and in particular the popular TD-strategy - Forest Defense. The game features a very bright and colorful graphics with a nice animation. All decorations are selected very high quality, and just pleasing to the eye.


By geimpleyu game resembles any other female simulators, such as Fashion Icon and Enchant U . The basis here - it is fashionable clothing, career and flirting with different guys who can pick up at your leisure.
Appearance for the rising star - is one of the most important things, so here we have a great selection of the most diverse fashion from top brands. You are free to walk to the shops and pick up his own dresses, skirts, accessories and more. Of course, do not forget about the hair and tan. The most important - is to make a good first impression, and then you all will develop well.
His career can be started immediately as a singer, movie stars and models, it is possible to do everything at the same time, the main thing - do not earn much and do not forget to relax and chat with friends in online chat.
If you ever get bored, try to have a boyfriend, just visit a public place and flirting with the pleasant young man. If you could do it, the guy will grant you very valuable and beautiful gifts that adorn your wardrobe.

Features Star Girl for Android:

  • Beautiful and bright graphics with stunning animations;
  • Great opportunity to change the appearance, which will create an exact copy of itself;
  • Huge selection of clothing from leading brands;
  • The possibility of becoming a singer, model, or a Hollywood movie star;
  • Interesting mini-games related to flirting and dating that will find the guy of your dreams (or even marry him);
  • Chat with friends via instant messaging and virtual trips to each other's homes, as well as joint photo shoot.
Summary. Star Girl - this is a great game for girls, which is ideal to while away some time. The game is very simple, despite the absence of the Russian language, and can be learned in just 10 minutes. The disadvantages of the game include a built-in game purchases, which in the game is listed as ATM (ATM). To survive in the game without cash infusions while nothing does not want, and you can place advertising announcements in my social page on Facebook or Twitter.


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hematharshini i am ten years old13 Apr 2014, 09:41 0
i love that game very much i see everyones comment . i comment that i ever play that . one day i was playing that game the game was lost. i realy enjoyed that game. and this is my secend time to download it . plz play that game it was awesome game did you thought my comment you like plz vote me i hope i can download to work propely 2014Reply
Plz like me and vote,my id: WQD28Reply
wow i love that game coolReply
hey for month september and august is realeted the barbie and the secret door.Reply
very nice game i realy enjoy this game15 Feb 2014, 17:59 0
Nice gameReply
This is very good game.thanksReply
this is a great game!Reply
I hope I can download to work properlyReply
i love this gameReply
than kyou its very nice
from iran
I am just downloaded it I hope its good!
Sow very cuteReply
Luv it best game everReply
beautiful my love25 May 2013, 14:40 0
it is very good.Reply
add me prevq thnx:-)Reply
amyduncanhouser21 Apr 2013, 19:18 0
This is nArly dude awesome fantastico and sick rockon dude power to the star girls.Reply
varga odett16 Feb 2013, 13:39 0
de jo lene ha lehetne jatszani eszt a jatekot