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Hero Jump
Hero Jump
Hero Jump
Hero Jump
Hero Jump
Hero Jump
Hero Jump

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Ollie Green
Quality animation, neat graphics, addictive game play, responsive controls
In-app purchases
Whilst the concept of Hero Jump for Android isn't entirely original, the theme of the game and the humorous game elements make it an incredibly enjoyable experience. There's just something about dodging old ladies throwing bombs at you whilst running up the side of a building that makes you chuckle.
This game features a gameplay concept we've all seen before. Your character will continue to run up the side of the screen, and as he does this, obstacles will appear in front of him. To dodge these obstacles, you must tap the screen to move the character to the other side of the screen. In this game, you'll find window sills and other static obstacles that you'll need to dodge, but you'll also need to switch sides to collect more coins.
Coins can be spent in the shop to upgrade your character's stats, buy beneficial pets, or to buy a new character completely. As this is a 'hero' game, some of the characters are heavily based on existing DC and Marvel superheroes. Whilst playing, you can also jump into certain monsters. If you jump into the same monster three times in a row, your hero will transform for a short period of time. Whether you're transforming into a giant monkey, a powerful bird or a giant torpedo, each power-up always gives you the chance to earn huge amounts of coins and avoid being damaged by the obstacles.
If you don't have a shield or a power-up and you get hit by one of the obstacles, your run will end. At this point you can use currency available through in-app purchases to revive, or you can head back to the menu. Whilst there are a lot of items that require in-app purchases in this game, most items can also be earned by collecting enough coins by simply playing the game.
Hero Jump is free to play, and it's humorous game style and great graphics make it stand out from the crowd.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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