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Review Chromatik

Brandon Girod
Beautifully designed, features more music than what's in public domain, the tabs and sheet music are accurate
The UI could be a bit more user friendly, it's lacking some pretty basic music in the library
As a musician, there is one thing I can’t help but notice: other musicians are just not good at designing good mobile apps. Every tuner, metronome, reference app, or whatever has looked old and outdated even when Android was new. Chromatik for Android is safely the most beautifully designed music inspired app that I’ve seen in just about ever, though.
So what is it? It’s basically a curated list of sheet music that was arranged for various instruments. And when I say various instruments I mean it ranges from ukelele to piano and just about everything in between. It has a really impressive collection of sheet music instrument wise.
Unfortunately, the music library itself is kind of lacking. I tried searching a ton of bands that I enjoy listening to (none that were too obscure to be found elsewhere) and no search results came up. I’m not sure if it’s the fault of the search function itself or if they just didn’t have it because they have a huge list of categories that features all kinds of popular music that everyone has heard of. So it’s not limited to just classical music in public domain, and it even emphasizes contemporary music in the setup.
Like I said earlier, the app looks really beautiful but the way you search through music isn’t very intuitive and you have a relatively small window to look through because other music is featured on the top half and it pretty much stays there.
The sheet music view itself shows you pretty much a few lines at a time and sometimes just one line, which can be difficult because you’re often looking ahead of what you’re playing when reading music. It does have an auto scroll ability and you can greatly customize the speed that it scrolls.
Chromatik is lacking in its library department and the UI could definitely be a bit friendlier, but it has an ambitious goal that I think it will be able to accomplish easily once it begins to mature a bit. The collection of music it has now is impressive and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 9/10
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