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Turbo Wheels
Turbo Wheels
Turbo Wheels
Turbo Wheels
Turbo Wheels
Turbo Wheels
Turbo Wheels

Review Turbo Wheels

Brandon Girod
Quirky and fun graphics, the unlock system isnt a grind fest
Steering is too heavy, the initial difficulty curve is too steep
Good isometric racing games are kind of hard to come by in the Play Store, especially ones with any kind of personality. Turbo Wheels for Android is both of these. You race around in vehicles that are designed to look like Micro Machines.
So here is a game that I like and don’t like at the same time. First off, the look is absolutely fantastic. Levels are bright, colorful, and detailed. The car designs are aggressive but in a very cartoony sort of way. And level design is varying and interesting.
I’m not a fan of how your car controls, however. For once in my life, I actually kind of wish there were some sort of tilt controls baked into the game because cars feel incredibly heavy to steer. This is alleviated a bit when you get better cars, but forcing the player to have a subpar playing experience so you can make up for it later on isn’t a great strategy.
I also think the game is a bit too difficult coming out of the gate. I couldn’t win the first race until I upgraded my acceleration and even then I only placed second (barely). What this says to me is that the game is definitely geared more heavily towards stats instead of actual driving ability. Now, most racing games are but you’re racing in the same class.
I think the game is really fun regardless of the controls and initial difficulty curve. Turbo Wheels doesn’t make you grind hard for unlocks and the graphics look really great.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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