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Stack Pack
Stack Pack
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Stack Pack
Stack Pack
Stack Pack

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Jay Feldman
Decent graphics, interesting game play, two-finger controls
Control needs to get used to, bores you really quickly, low quality animation
Stack Pack for Android is a unique puzzle game that combines Tetris mechanics with a construction zone theme. Move crates and containers to create complete rows, which then disappear. But look sharp, cuz those crates can also crush you. This one requires strategy and fast reflexes.
Stack Pack displays in landscape mode to deliver a pixel puzzle game that aims for retro territory and hits the mark, dead center. As the story goes, you are viewing a single screen construction zone environment in landscape mode. There’s a pixel construction worker wearing a hard hat, and a crane moves and drops crates from above. There's several different kinds of crates to keep things visually interesting, and all you gotta do is walk back and forth, pushing and moving crates so as to arrange them neatly. Oh, and you may want to move if a crate is about to fall atop you, because it will crush you and it's game over. You can hop atop crates to push stacks where you want them, and completed rows disappear. Keep the crates from reaching the top, or outright squashing you, and go as far as you can to beat your last score.
The controls are awkward and clumsy at best, placing left and right directional arrows on either side of your screen, and above those, 2 sloppy jump buttons on each respective side. The clumsy mechanics only make the game all the more challenging. The graphics and animation are heavy on the pixels, with modest renders and visual triggers; everything feels simple and rudimentary by design. The sounds offer repetitive MIDI music that I muted, right quick.
Stack Pack is indeed challenging and fun, in short bursts of play, but the shoddy controls assure you won't play it for long.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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