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No Hope
No Hope
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No Hope

Review No Hope

Jay Feldman
Interesting plot, decent game play, two-finger controls
Too easy, bores you really quickly, bad detalization
No Hope for Android is a zombie shooter unlike any other I've personally tried, even though it sounds just like the rest. Blast the crap outta copious zombies and protect your hideout. This one spills oodles of virtual blood and is highly challenging.
No Hope displays from an extreme aerial angle, high above the landscape below, looking directly down on the action as it unfolds. As the story goes, you appear to be the last survivor after a zombie apocalypse, or perhaps it just seems that way, since you're in the middle of nowhere and hiding out in a cabin in the woods. Apparently cabin fever has set in and you're bored, so naturally, you do the only logical thing and venture out into the woods in search of zombies to kill with your trusty shotgun. I'd like to say you are searching for supplies, but the app didn't have the smarts to include that as part of the play, so basically, you're just hunting zombies, and rest assured, they will come at you in droves. There's lots of winding pathways and hiding spots, but don't venture too far from your cabin, because the zombies will tear it apart, board by board, unless you protect it and hold your ground.
The controls use two directional d-pads; one on the left for movement, and another on the right for aiming and firing your weapons. The graphics are quite nice, with lots of nice details and a vibrant color palate, however, everything's really, really tiny, cuz the view is waaaaay up in the sky, and there's no zoom function to be found. The animation feels fluid, for what little can be seen of it. The sounds go for ambient nature effects, with zombie grunts and snarls; all of which suited the play.
No Hope is decent fun but the distant view literally holds you back from the action and visuals you are meant to enjoy.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 9/10
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