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Review aa

Brandon Girod
Unique concept, minimalist design, solid performance and controls
It's slow to pick up, the background colors contrast drastically and can hurt your eyes
Nope, this isn’t some kind of way to manage your AA meetings or anything like that. AA for Android is a game that looks almost like you’re pushing pins into a pincushion and the game didn’t really click with me until after the first handful of levels.
There is really no explanation for the game. You’re told to tap the screen to put a pin in the circle. Then you’re told to make sure you don’t hit anything else when you do so, and at first it seems like it’s way too easy. Here are these huge open spaces and you just want to put a few pins in them. Easy enough!
Pretty soon after starting the game up you realize what exactly is going on here. The amount of pins you’re placing increase although the space you have to put them is still the same. Suddenly things are becoming awfully cramped here. And there lies the gameplay mechanic. You suddenly begin needing to think about where to place pins long before you run out of room because you know you’ll need that extra space in the future.
The most alluring part of the gameplay is figuring out just how tight together everything will be in order to fit it all in to get to the next level. It’s rare that I actually want to see more of a mobile game, but this one did it.
AA is a really fun game with an even more fun concept. Although it might seem mundane when you first start playing, if you give it a few levels you’ll soon start to see where the game starts to get good.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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