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Road Panic
Road Panic
Road Panic
Road Panic
Road Panic
Road Panic
Road Panic
Road Panic
Road Panic

Review Road Panic

Brandon Girod
Fun but hectic gameplay mechanics, a safe way to play with traffic, unique premise and puzzles
Things get hectic fast, the power-ups that you need to complete levels must be purchased which seems pointless
A really awesome game called Cities: Skylines was just released on PC and one of the most difficult parts of the game involves figuring out how to route traffic. Given that I’ve sunk a considerable amount of time in that game, it was only natural for me to be completely drawn in by Road Panic for Android.
This is a hectic traffic game that has you directing it. Apparently no one knows how to drive and there is very limited use of road signs and traffic lights. You do this by tapping on the cars as they come towards an intersection as this will stop them dead in their tracks. However, there is a traffic meter that builds up, and the more traffic the greater risk you run of them all breaking out and crashing into each other.
Sometimes accidents do happen, though. You get power-ups that will help you clear out any accidents so they don’t cause more and an ability to slow down time.
Things get pretty complicated right off the bat and this is a game that really shows how much work goes into planning how to engineer roads for a city.
I was pleasantly surprised just by how fun this game is, though. Road Panic is a unique game with excellent mechanics and a great aesthetic. In-app purchases can be made with in-game currency or real cash, but I found that I didn’t really need it that much because it’s mostly just used to buy power-ups. I highly recommend you checking out this one.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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