Fruit Rivals - Juicy Blast
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Fruit Rivals - Juicy Blast
Fruit Rivals - Juicy Blast
Fruit Rivals - Juicy Blast
Fruit Rivals - Juicy Blast
Fruit Rivals - Juicy Blast
Fruit Rivals - Juicy Blast
Fruit Rivals - Juicy Blast
Fruit Rivals - Juicy Blast

Review Fruit Rivals - Juicy Blast

Brandon Girod
Solid gameplay mechanics, good looking visuals, includes power-ups
Doesn't have its own identity, doesn't try to innovate or shake up the formula
Match three games are a dime a dozen on mobile platforms and they all have the same general aesthetic and the same mechanics. Fruit Rivals for Android isn’t really any different from all of those other games but it is a completely competent game all its own.
Just in case you might not be familiar with a match three game, the objective is to match at least three identical pieces together in order to disperse them from the board and generate new ones. Originally the idea was to get as many points as you could until you were out of moves. This game actually gives you objectives in the way of having to match a certain amount of specific pieces in a limited amount of moves.
This game is actually pretty difficult because it never seems to want to generate pieces in your favor. I spent 10 turns in one level waiting for just one of the pieces I needed to actually appear, which meant that my success was determined by RNG (random number generator). That’s really frustrating from a player’s perspective because it renders them pretty helpless.
You can match more than just three pieces together and like most games, this one will give you power-ups for doing so. Some might destroy all the pieces in a certain radius while others might eliminate every piece of a certain type all together. These are what you’ll want to try and base your strategy around in this game.
Fruit Rivals is basically your run of the mill match three game. The aesthetic is good, the gameplay mechanics are all there, and it plays smooth. I do believe the RNG could use just a bit of adjusting. Overall this is just a decent match three game, though.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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No one I know has ever completed this game. Everyone keeps getting stuck in Snow for months and giving up. Anyone else on this boat.
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