Cinderella Free Fall
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Cinderella Free Fall
Cinderella Free Fall
Cinderella Free Fall
Cinderella Free Fall
Cinderella Free Fall
Cinderella Free Fall

Review Cinderella Free Fall

Jay Feldman
Quality graphics, quality game design, one-finger controls
Too easy, very common, animation is a bit laggy
Cinderella Free Fall for Android is an enchanted match 3 game that turns into a pumpkin at midnight if you're not finished playing. Match colorful crystals and gems in this classic fable themed game that's sure to entertain.
Cinderella Free Fall displays in portrait to reveal a typical match 3 gaming environment. Cinderella accompanies you during your play, seen at the top of your screen, and offering gentle encouragement as you attempt to conquer each level. Rather than moving gemstones to make your matches, you're actually just touching and sliding your finger across similarly colored gemstones to make long, winding strings of matches. There's several power ups to earn along the way, the best of which being the magic butterfly, which bursts with vibrant pixels and engaging action. The play is straightforward and predictable, yet offers just enough twists to keep things interesting. Plus, the Cinderella theme is highly appealing.
The controls use touches and slides to make your longest possible matches in long, continuous strings. The graphics feature vibrantly colored gemstones with a translucent quality to them that truly make them look like fine crystal. The animation is energetic and lively, with lots of satisfying visual triggers and clean renders. The sounds are sweet and upbeat and remain enjoyable throughout the play.
Cinderella Free Fall is a quality match 3 adventure that's sure to be a hit with both Cinderella and match 3 fans of all ages.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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