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Review Spubbles

Brandon Girod
Interesting game mechanics, fast and fluid gameplay
Unlocks are far and few between, no tutorial
Spubbles for Android is an amalgamation of the words "space" and "bubbles", but that only gives us an inkling of what the game is about. While, yes, it does feature bubbles in space, it also features these two things from a very abstract perspective. You see, both sides of your screen are moving in two different directions simultaneously and you have to constantly let your bubble float from one to the other in order to not move.
Have you ever played a game where the ultimate objective was to just not go anywhere? I haven’t either, but this game makes inaction very action packed.
I died more times than I’d care to admit learning the game because it doesn’t tell you what to do at all and the way the game presents itself is very odd. At first I didn’t really know what to make of it and died over and over as I tried to figure out what I was dying from.
Then I realized that I needed to simply balance myself somewhere in the middle of the screen. This is pretty simple to do minus the fact that the game loves to throw objects at you which forces you to move from one side to the next and it creates hazards spikes that protrude from each edge at every opportunity. That means you’re having to time your jumps and they’re usually reactionary. Sliding off the screen is the least of your worries.
The aesthetic swung both ways because the level design was really cool even though there was only one background. And there are some really cool effects when you’re about to get sucked into the right (or bottom) of the screen. But the character bubbles themselves really leave a lot to be desired in terms of character and personality.
A really shallow currency system is put in place but the unlocks are dreadfully slow. It costs 500 stars to get one new character and after about 30 deaths I had managed to acquire about 63. That’s a lot of frustration to unlock another silly bear face.
I honestly think that Spubbles could really do without the unlock system but they do need to slap on a very simple and basic tutorial. Leaving players frustrating right off the bat isn’t really that pleasant of a first impression.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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