Zombie Defense 2: Episodes
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Zombie Defense 2: Episodes
Zombie Defense 2: Episodes
Zombie Defense 2: Episodes
Zombie Defense 2: Episodes
Zombie Defense 2: Episodes
Zombie Defense 2: Episodes

Review Zombie Defense 2: Episodes

Jay Feldman
Neat graphics, exciting plot, addictive game play
Very common, challenging controls, low quality animation
Zombie Defense 2: Episodes for Android is a truly terrifying zombie shooter that'll make you crap your pants. Yes, it's a little crude around the edges, but the play is wholly engaging and not for the faint of heart. Play it if you dare.
Zombie Defense 2: Episodes will scare the crap outta you; plain and simple. As the story goes, you find yourself in an abandoned warehouse of sorts, and apparently, you have amnesia because you're not sure where you are or what's going on. But you're smart enough to keep your trusty pistol handy, and there's blood smeared all over the floor and walls. So naturally, you do the only logical thing and go exploring. It doesn't take long before you encounter the brain eating zombies, hungry for fresh meat. They come at you in droves, and all you can do is blast the crap outta anything that moves and try to stay alive. The deeper you go into this building, the weirder things get. There's a medical lab, with more blood sprayed everywhere. Then the doctor comes in, but he ain't making house calls, he's looking for dinner, and you're the entree. YIKES!
The controls use a d-pad on the lower left for movement, and it can't make you run fast enough. On the right, there's a pan and scan aim control for your weaponry, and you will be firing copious amounts of ammunition to save your virtual life. The graphics will truly loosen your bowels; yes, they are a tad crude and unrefined, but deliver thrills and chills, to be sure. The animation is also a tad crude, but highly effective; this game is so scary, that I'm glad the animation was a bit underdeveloped because it may have spared me an accident in my pants. The sounds are truly spine chilling and the stuff nightmares are made of.
Zombie Defense 2: Episodes scared the ever livin' s*#t outta me. Download it, then drop your phone and run like hell.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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