Troll face Quest Sports puzzle
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Troll face Quest Sports puzzle
Troll face Quest Sports puzzle
Troll face Quest Sports puzzle
Troll face Quest Sports puzzle
Troll face Quest Sports puzzle
Troll face Quest Sports puzzle

Review Troll face Quest Sports puzzle

Jay Feldman
Unusual graphics, one-finger controls
Too easy, bores you really quickly, low quality animation
Troll face Quest Sports puzzle for Android is a collection of truly stupid and downright ugly puzzles, if they can even be called that. View a series of single screen images, then tap via trial and error to trigger a basic action that's supposed to be funny, yet isn't.
Troll face Quest Sports puzzle displays in landscape to deliver perhaps the stupidest puzzle game I've seen yet this year. Each puzzle occupies a single screen, and all you gotta do is tap to find the visual trigger that sets the "solution" in motion. For instance, a guy with a bum leg walks into a doctor's office, on the desk is a syringe loaded with medication, while on the desk chair, there's a tiny something or other peeking up from behind the desk. So, you do the obvious thing and tap the syringe, which then impales itself into the top of the patient's head and he dies - WRONG; try again. So you reload the puzzle, except this time, you tap the thingamajig on the desk chair, which reveals itself to be a soccer ball. The patient tries to kick the soccer ball, but breaks his leg, because the soccer ball turns out to be made of iron - HOORAY; you just "solved" the puzzle. And this would be an example of the stupidity at work here.
The controls use screen taps to trigger modest visual actions, and are hardly worth the effort. The graphics and animation look like Mad Magazine took an ugly pill; very unappealing and underwhelming, with almost no animation to speak of. The sounds, well, are as crappy as the rest of this sad sorry excuse of a game.
Troll face Quest Sports puzzle is stupid; enough said.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 5/10
Sound 8/10
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