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Review SongArc

Brandon Girod
Features user generated content, let's you use songs from your device, features original music
Star Score is broken, display would go black multiple times while the game continued to run, not enough real content, developer sheets are sporadic and seemingly random
Rhythm games have actually managed to find themselves in the news quite a bit lately with the announcement of the new Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, but they’ve been unfortunately missing for several years. SongArc for Android is a rhythm game that takes songs from your library of songs and lets you play “sheets” based on them.
Now this is a really cool idea, but the developers are relying really hard on user contributed content. They’ve included an editor that allows you to create your own sheets for the music you already own on your device and users can go in and vote on these sheets so you can have a good idea about which ones are good and which ones can be safely avoided.
This is another idea that I really like, but there really isn’t enough there. There are very few featured songs that come packed into the game and I wasn’t able to really find any songs in my library of music that had sheets to go along with the music. The featured sheets for the songs seemed kind of all over the place. Sometimes it would follow the vocal melody while other times it would follow the drums or the guitar. Other times there were notes in there that simply didn’t exist, and these were the sheets created from the developers themselves.
That’s a bit worrisome because it means that they’re banking on users to create good sheets but in order to do that you need to show them what they can do and I don’t think that is evident with what I’ve seen.
The gameplay itself is actually really fun, however. Notes are fanned out in an arc and you have to tap them as they fall, similar to other rhythm games. You can hold out notes and drag them around to follow their path and even move your phone in the rhythm of the beat when prompted.
SongArc is a really cool project that just doesn’t have enough content behind it right now. I think it could potentially be really fun because the core concepts are great. But you can tell the developers aren’t musicians and they’re relying a little too much on players to create that content for them.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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