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Star Defender 4
Star Defender 4
Star Defender 4
Star Defender 4
Star Defender 4
Star Defender 4
Star Defender 4

Review Star Defender 4

Sergei Petrov
Star Defender 4 - is an exciting and dynamic space shooter for Android, which came to us with the operating system Windows. The game takes place in a galaxy Darkfog, which has invaded a large concentration of enemy spaceships. The Navy decided to send us to the headquarters of the enemy and strike at the heart of the enemy.
Engaged in developing a game studio Awem, with the development and spread of the original game on the PC does all known studio Alawar. This means that the game has a full translation into Russian.


First and foremost, the difference between Star Defender 4 from all games of this genre ( Radiant and iFighter 1945 ) was the control. Here it is implemented in strange ways. On the right side there are two buttons - one for simple attacks and another for more. The beauty is that these are the same buttons and joysticks to control. If you hold down the button and slide your finger to the side, the ship will move in the right direction. Opened fire in semi-automatic mode, when the sight caught the enemy ships.
With the passage of each mission, we start with the first level and, when collecting bonuses and killing enemies is pumped. Each new level gives us a new, more powerful weapons. If we get in, we immediately lose the level and switch to the old weapons. All we can withstand three hits, but if necessary, extra lives fall out of enemies.
Opponents in the game a lot, and they all differ in their abilities. Bored here does not, as we will be constantly kept under continuous fire. Upgrades in the game, but you can buy more powerful ships. Auxiliary weapon (green button), has much stronger, but the quantity is limited. Recommend its use against bosses and strengthened ships.

Features Star Defender 4 for Android:

  • Colorful graphics and vivid special effects;
  • 8 large missions, each of which is divided into levels and ends with a boss battle (over 100 levels);
  • A large variety of bonuses that can fall out of the broken opponents;
  • Ability to change ships.
The most clear and obvious lack of games - is the presence of large empty spaces on the edges of the screen, which are the result of adaptation of the game from the PC. Apparently, the original resolution Star Defender 4 is not the same as the extended screens of smartphones and tablets, and is aimed at the ratio of 4:3.
Summary. Star Defender 4 - is simple to perform and undemanding game for Android, which you can take a few hours, on condition that you can not master the most simple operation, and you will not embarrass the sidebands. In other cases, you can always try out the game from the competition, of which we highlight Sector Strike and Beat Hazard Ultra .

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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