Northern Tale 3 (Freemium)
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Northern Tale 3 (Freemium)
Northern Tale 3 (Freemium)
Northern Tale 3 (Freemium)
Northern Tale 3 (Freemium)
Northern Tale 3 (Freemium)
Northern Tale 3 (Freemium)
Northern Tale 3 (Freemium)
Northern Tale 3 (Freemium)

Review Northern Tale 3 (Freemium)

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, the gameplay mechanics are sound, solid story line
Doesn't do anything mechanically different from the previous games, still can't queue up multiple actions when there is no immediate path available
Mobile games aren’t exactly new. I remember playing Snake on one of my old Nokia phones over 10 years ago, but it’s still odd to see entire franchises start and end on the platform. Northern Tale 3 for Android is the third entry in the Northern Tale franchise and really just brings more of the same to the table.
For those who might not know about what the game is about, it’s a resource collection game. If you’re in love with micro managing things then you’ll love this game. You start off with a dwarf and you click on the resources that are thrown about the stage. There are objectives you’ll have to accomplish too and seeing as how you only have a limited amount of time to complete the objectives you’ll want to map out which paths you “mine” first.
I did the review on the second Northern Tale games and mechanically speaking there is literally no difference between this and the third one. One of my biggest complaints about the series on a whole is that you can’t queue up actions unless you’re in the multi-tap mode and even then you can’t queue anything up until there is a path opened to get to it. So if you’ve got two resources and you have to collect one before you can get to the other then you have to wait for your dwarf to bring the resources back to the base before you can assign a dwarf to grab the next resource.
Even the story is largely the same as the previous games. There are different people but the story is conceptually identical.
Northern Tale 3 isn’t a bad game, it’s just more of the exact same. If you’re a fan of the other two games and really want to play a third then go for it. If you’re new then this is just as good as any to get your feet wet with. If you were burned out previously then you can safely skip over this one.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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