Dash till Puff!
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Dash till Puff!
Dash till Puff!
Dash till Puff!
Dash till Puff!
Dash till Puff!
Dash till Puff!
Dash till Puff!
Dash till Puff!

Review Dash till Puff!

Brandon Girod
Entertaining visuals, easy to control, features checkpoints in the form of levels
Sometimes the "bounce" feels unreliable, the different patterns can be disorienting at times
Dash Till Puff! for Android is a game with a title that makes absolutely no sense but never mind that. It's an endless runner that takes after Flappy Bird, but throws in a good soundtrack and interesting visuals to create a largely memorable experience.
On one hand I want to call this game “easy” because of the boundaries the game has and how easy your character is to control. For instance, you can’t die by dropping all the way to the grind, you’ll just hover along the bottom. Same thing with the top. You can also hold down a tap and have your character fly upwards so you don’t have to worry about trying to climb up to gain some altitude.
There are levels in this game, so that kind of makes it not an endless runner by definition. Each level gets progressively harder and it does so by throwing different objects at you. Sometimes you’ll have small circles that seem to almost move randomly around as you pass by. Other times you’ll have medium circles circumnavigating around each other in various patterns, or you’ll have huge circles that blow up almost like explosions. All in all it makes for a really interesting experience.
Dash till Puff! is more of hardcore endless runner that isn’t afraid to lend a helping hand to casual players by letting levels act more like checkpoints so you can pick up your progress after you die. The controls are easy to manage and the difficult part isn’t necessarily trying to control your character, it’s more along the lines of trying to predict what’s coming up next.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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