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Burn the Rope
Burn the Rope
Burn the Rope
Burn the Rope
Burn the Rope
Burn the Rope
Burn the Rope

Review Burn the Rope

Brandon Girod
Interesting and inventive level design, throws several mechanics at you to up the skill ceiling
Boring aesthetic, the game doesn't really give you much reason to keep coming back
Playing with fire has a somewhat enticing allure to it that I think everyone can admire on some level. That’s why Big Blue Puzzle decided to make a game that involved fire and some rope. Burn the Rope for Android is a puzzle game that has you manipulating a flame crawling along a rope.
Using your phone’s gyroscope, you’ll set a rope on fire and then lead the flame along the path of the rope until it’s totally gone. There is one stipulation though - the flame can only travel up. So that means you’ll be constantly twisting your phone back and forth to make sure you can keep your flame alive until it consumes the whole rope.
This is a pretty easy task in the beginning but later on the patterns become a lot more challenging when the flame is forced to branch off and you’re suddenly trying to balance multiple flames at the same time because one single flame just won’t cut it.
As you play the game also throws a few other curve balls your way. You’ll be introduced colored ants that change the color of your flame. You’ll also find that certain colored ropes can only be set on fire by a flame of the same color.
Burn the rope has an interesting theme but it doesn’t really hold up in the long run, in my opinion. The whole game is locked behind a paywall and just thinking about having to pay for that content makes me exhausted because the gameplay itself isn’t really compelling enough to warrant spending more than a handful of levels to get your fill.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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