Unicorn Sugar Rush
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Unicorn Sugar Rush
Unicorn Sugar Rush
Unicorn Sugar Rush
Unicorn Sugar Rush
Unicorn Sugar Rush
Unicorn Sugar Rush
Unicorn Sugar Rush

Review Unicorn Sugar Rush

Sergei Petrov
Unicorn Sugar Rush - is a fun free arcade game for Android-devices, we have to help the main character to eat as many sweets. The game is very funny, because the main character is a seal, who decided to become a unicorn, and has put on the right clothing.
The thing is that the seal Bobkorn very long envied the fabulous mythical creatures as unicorns always can get all the candy and sweets, and his seal, fed only tasteless and nasty fish. It is time to fix it!
Development of the game that we know has been doing studio MoMinis, which has created such masterpieces as Ninja Chicken and Bouncy Bill . All games of the developer is always very own original idea, and at least the original performance, and Unicorn Sugar Rush is no exception.


The whole game is built around the same action. From the sky falls on our sweetness, and our task - to catch and eat them. The problem is that many of the sweets fall in their original packaging, as well as the seal is not normal hand with fingers, we have to separate the wrappers with his horns.
Control of the game by using the accelerometer. Tilting the smartphone to the right or left, we control the movement of our hero. If you press on the screen, our seal smartphone make Funny jump into the air.
The game is divided into small levels, each of which is that we need to collect a certain number of a specific type of candy. The difficulty is that you have to collect them at a constant frequency, because if you do not have time to gather them in a short time, the seal just fell asleep from exhaustion. Saturation indicator located in the upper right corner.

The main features of Unicorn Sugar Rush for Android:

  • Convenient and simple operation using the accelerometer;
  • Excellent graphics, animation and charming protagonist;
  • Fascinating geimpley that is easy to learn and does not get tired even after hours of play;
  • More than 35 exciting levels and boss fights, in which we will have to drop a giant candy;
  • Many interesting bonuses and amplifiers.
Summary. Unicorn Sugar Rush - this is a very simple and addictive arcade game for Android, with a simple idea and quality implementation. This taymkiller ideal for short game sessions during road or breaks.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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