Aycon (Icon & Shortcut Editor)
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Aycon (Icon & Shortcut Editor)
Aycon (Icon & Shortcut Editor)
Aycon (Icon & Shortcut Editor)
Aycon (Icon & Shortcut Editor)
Aycon (Icon & Shortcut Editor)
Aycon (Icon & Shortcut Editor)

Review Aycon (Icon & Shortcut Editor)

Jay Feldman
Interesting functionality, simple interface, simple design
Limited features, not powerful enough, old fashioned design
Aycon Icon & Shortcut Editor for Android is a cool little app that lets you add custom shortcuts to your homescreen for an array of apps and functions that are often not available as shortcuts. This one is fast and easy, and best of all, free.
Aycon Icon & Shortcut Editor displays in both portrait and landscape to deliver a fairly old school, vertically scrolling interface, populated with plain black text on a stark white background. Yet somehow, for as uninspired as the interface looks, they managed to make it feel modern and inviting by just adding a simple colored border and some modest high impact buttons. The meat and potatoes of this app, is that it allows you to easily create some custom homescreen quick launch icons with just a couple clicks. There's two tabs along the top of your screen with the headings, Apps and Shortcuts. Just tap either one to view a vertically scrolling list for each category.
To create a shortcut for apps, just tap the appropriate tab at the top of your screen, scroll through all available apps, then touch the one you want to bring up the Create New Aycon screen. From there, just tap "add to homescreen" and voila, instant app shortcut. Yes, you can also do this manually, but then you don't get to use this nifty app. The shortcuts tab is where things get a bit more interesting, because the selections offer some a few options otherwise not available, and the selection will depend on what apps you have installed.
Aycon Icon & Shortcut Editor doesn't do much, but it does it well.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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