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Lingvo Live
Lingvo Live
Lingvo Live
Lingvo Live
Lingvo Live
Lingvo Live
Lingvo Live
Lingvo Live

Review Lingvo Live

Brandon Girod
Creates a social community around translating and defining words, easy to use interface
There is no way to really verify authenticity of translations, i felt like i needed to speak multiple languages to use the app
The idea of a social dictionary and translation app is one that is really appealing to me. Simply look up specific text or ask for a quick translation if you can’t find any and wait for someone to reply. That’s exactly what Linvo Live for Android hopes to accomplish. It wants to create a social experience out of language.
It kind of makes a lot of sense because language can vary significantly from region to region because many people speak very different dialects depending on where they’re from. Google Translate can really only get you so far and other sites and tools I’ve tried to use just haven’t really been able to do the job.
This app nails some of these problems by letting its users do the translating, but if you don’t actually know how to speak the language that your text is being translated into then you really have absolutely no idea what the translation really is and that’s a scary thought. Most of the postings that I saw were other languages wanting to be translated to English, and it was kind of a cumbersome experience because I really couldn’t find any real use out of it.
Posts can be downvoted and upvoted depending on what other users thought of the translation but I only came across a few that used this system and the others didn’t have any responses. There also didn’t seem to be any way to really sort through the content or search for anything. And trying to filter just notes in English only showed me notes in a completely different language, which makes me question the overall usability of the app for English speakers.
Lingvo Live is a concept that I like but doesn’t execute on the idea very well. Search and filter features don’t really work and there doesn’t seem to be any moderation or way for users to verify what translations they’re getting back which could lead to people abusing the system.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 9/10
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